Professional Development

Professional Development Opportunities for Teachers

Teachers play a critical role in helping students learn to read well. CLPlus can help teachers receive the professional development they need to improve reading instruction.

Contact your regional coordinator to discuss professional development needs and opportunities for support.

How CLPlus supports professional development

1. Cost sharing for professional development providers: If you have specific providers that offer specialized professional development, CLPlus can offer cost-sharing to help fund those opportunities. The district pays part of the cost, and CLPlus can assist with resources and materials.

2. Contracting for professional development providers: If you have specific needs for professional development, CLPlus may be able to contract providers directly on your behalf. Request for support are considered on a case-by-case basis.

3. Providing professional development: CLPlus staff members and representatives can provide a variety of high-need, high-quality professional development sessions, each tailored to local needs and resources. Current professional development offerings are below.


Topics Covered

Reading Sets: Thinking outside the box

What is the purpose of using Reading Sets? How do you create a literacy circle? How do you differentiate Reading Sets for your student groups? What is the goal and outcome of using Literature and Informational Text Reading Sets in your reading circles?

DIBELS Training: Fluency priorities and student-focused coaching

What are the learning progressions for reading? How can we model attentive listening? Does re-tell indicate comprehension? How do we disaggregate benchmark scores to create differentiated instruction groups?

Close Reading for Grades K–3, 4–6, 7–12

How do we use close reading strategies and guided reading in the classroom? How are these strategies used as a means of teaching complex text? How do we examine characteristics of text-dependent questions?

Writing Strategies: The PARCC connection

Why is it important to implement best practices for cross-curricular writing instruction? How do we “grow” writers? How can we differentiate writing instruction according to individual student needs? How can we support digital writing in the classroom?

6 Major Skills Sets in Reading

What are the 6 skill sets, and why is it important to address all 6 skill sets in reading instruction? What does the research tell us about effective practice, and what are those practices? How do you integrate the various reading skill sets into an instructional learning opportunity?

Reading Instruction across the Content Areas

Given the importance of both fiction and informational text, what strategies support reading instruction across the content areas and what resources support the inclusion of informational text on a wide range of subjects and topics?