CLPlus supports increased and improved reading outside of school and throughout the community, including students’ homes!

Opportunity Description

Community Reading Blogs

Share what you’re reading…with the world! Teachers, parents, and students can post articles about the books they read and see what others are reading. Find the reading blog for your area.

Community Reading Events

Get together with your community members and read. Bring your children and read together as a family. Special reading events just for children, too: adults and older children reading to younger children.

Parent Workshops

Learn how to help your children read well and develop a love of reading.


CLPlus welcomes partnerships with many organizations that support reading and literacy. Let’s work together to improve children’s reading abilities.

Book Distribution

Thousands and thousands and thousands of free books distributed in communities through “Little Free Libraries,” book racks and book stands, and community and school events. We want children—and parents—to have books!